Writers Workshop Hooks: “I will never speak of it again”

By Shekinah, Class of 2022

The scariest movies I have ever seen was Five Nights at Freddy’s; it was terrifying. Freddy was the main character and his wounds in his face were the color of lava. His fingers looked like knifes with blood on them. When you see him you will get chills in your back. It will feel like tiny spiders crawling on your back, but that night something terrible happened and I will never speak of it again.

[Topic — scariest movie]


Teacher’s Note: Building writer’s confidence is vital for a young writer. After creating an agreed upon list of attributes which are required to keep a reader engaged in a story, I began with a mini-lesson on writing hooks. Teacher and scholars reviewed six different types of hooks, completed a gallery walk to analyze/identify using cold reads, and eventually wrote some of their own in groups as well as independently. Each student was given a teacher generated topic to practice writing a hook. This activity is used as scaffolding into writing a narrative.

MD College & Career Readiness Standards: W.6.3

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