Writers’ Workshop: Orphan’s Magic

By Lillee, Class of 2022

Thunder clapped against the sky. The girl shuddered. She knew something was out there in the night. Something that shouldn’t be. When she looked and scanned she saw her, Marisa, in the pool. A voice said, “Come here to meet me.”

The orphan looked and when she walked forward she looked back to see if anything was following her, Nothing was there. She came into the pool and the voice came back.

“Come into the middle,” it said. She did it. Then out of nowhere something pushed her up to the clouds.

Many voices said, “You are the chosen one; your parents had the powerful magic that could…”


Teacher’s Note: Building writer’s confidence is vital for a young writer. After creating an agreed upon list of attributes which are required to keep a reader engaged in a story, I give highly engaging beginnings (shown in bold print) and allow students to continue the story. At first they are given eight minutes, but I decrease the time as they gain their confidence. This activity is used as scaffolding into writing a narrative.

MD College & Career Readiness Standards: W.6.3



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