Two-Voice Poem: Elementary to Middle School

By Labline and Keith, Class of 2022


6th Grader Both 5th Grader
    I like the teachers
I like to read    
  We hate reading classes.  
I get tons of homework every day.    
    I get homework once a week.
I hate most the food.    
    I love most of the food.
  We love math!  
    I like recess.
I don’t get recess.    
  We don’t like work at school.  
    I like gym.
I like some stuff in gym.    
    I like the music class.
I like music with instruments    
    I don’t change classes.
I change about every hour.    
  We like our friends.  
    School is easy.
School is complicated.    
  We like the end of the day.  


Teacher’s Note: Our enrichment class allows time to build on some of the skills being taught in the regular ELA classroom. Today, our group created two-voice poems and focused on point of view. The poem above is the first scaffolding piece as scholars build toward creating two-voice poems relating to literature stories being completed in class. However, allowing them to create their own poems with topics of their choice allows them to build confidence and can be used as a formative assessment.

MD College & Career Standard: RL.6.6

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