Eleven: Sylvia’s Point of View

By Jacob, Class of 2022

Look at her! Just sitting there. She thinks she’s so great. That disgusting Rachel. She stole my ball in first grade. Now she acts like nothing happened. Then, Mrs. Price walked in.

“Who’s red sweater is this?” she asked.

“Not mine,” everybody in the room told her. Everyone except Rachael. I saw opportunity in that.

“I think it’s Rachel’s” I told Mrs. Price. Rachel tried to tell Mrs. Price it wasn’t hers, but Mrs. Price didn’t believe her. Then Rachel tried to keep it as far away from her as possible.

Next, Mrs. Prices started yelling at Rachel. I smiled. Mrs. Price told Rachel to put on the ugly, red sweater. So Rachel put it on.

Next, out of nowhere she started crying like a baby. Then, suddenly Phyllis Lopez remembered the sweater was hers. The lunch bell rang and I walked out knowing I did good.


Teacher’s Comments: Scholars were working on analyzing how the author develops point of  view. After completing a close-read of “Eleven” by  Sandra Cisneros, the formative assessment asked scholars to re-write the text with an alternative perspective.

MD College and Career Readiness Standard: RL6.6.

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