Eleven: Third-Person Point of View

By Jaelyn, Class of 2022

In Mrs. Price’s class students were quietly working in their math books. Mrs. Price remembered about two days ago someone gave Rachel something to hold that was Phyllis Lopez’s red sweater.

“Is this anyone’s sweater?” she asked

“No!” everyone said, except Rachel. Rachel remembers Mrs. Price watching her and Phyllis get ready to go home.Rachel forgot to give it back to her, but left it on the coat rack.

Sylvia Saliver commented, “It is Rachel’s sweater.”

Mrs. Price walked over towards her, “here you go, put the sweater on.”

“It’s not mi…” Rachel’s voice trailed off.

“Pit it on!” Mrs. Price yelled, interrupting Rachel.

Mrs. Price was still upset because her mother’s passing and nonsense sets her off on a fit these days.

Rachel didn’t put the sweater on. She has illusions that small creatures that suck your blood were on it. So, she pushed the sweater towards the corner of her desk and scooted over.

“Rachel! Put that sweater on right now, and no more nonsense,” Mrs. Price’s voice echoed throughout the classroom.


Teacher’s Comments: Scholars were working on analyzing how the author develops point of  view. After completing a close-read of “Eleven” by  Sandra Cisneros, the formative assessment asked scholars to re-write the text with an alternative point of view or perspective.

MD College and Career Readiness Standard: RL6.6.

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