Narrative: When my grandmother chose a man over her family

By Sydney, Class of 2022 

Saturday afternoon at 3:00 I went to my grandparent´s house for dinner. I was happy that I got to see my grandmother. After, my mom and grandmother stopped talking.

I asked,¨ Can I get on the computer?¨

¨Of course you can,¨ said my grandmother.

¨I´m so anxious to play on the computer,¨ I exclaimed to myself. At 4:30  dinner was ready. We were eating spaghetti, it had hot sausage, ground meat, angel noodles, tomato sauce with mushrooms in it, and hot sauce. I was happy cause I was hungry.

¨ Sydney dinner`s ready.¨ acknowledged my dad. After dinner I went back to play on the computer. It was 5:00 after dinner, at 6:00 when we decided to leave. While we were leaving my mom and grandfather got into an argument about my grandfather paying the bills. I was so angry with my grandfather it wasn’t even funny.

” I paid that bill,” complained my grandfather.

” You don’t pay any of our bills,” confronted my mom.

” You’re a lie; you never paid any of our bills in our life,” interrupted my dad. Finally at 6:30 we were walking out the door. While we were leaving, my grandfather was still yelling.

“Get out and never come back,” shouted my grandfather. I felt hurt and furious. First of all, he had no right yelling and lying about the bills and then again I did nothing wrong so why was he yelling at me .

“Want me to deal with him?” asked my dad. He asked that because my grandfather texted my mom. So my dad called my grandfather. When he called they got into a huge argument.

“Leave my wife alone or you will be in the hospital,” promised my dad. I was so tired, but I was so frustrated at the same time. I was tired of them lying and just plain tired. I was frustrated that they are all nice to my aunt Nicole, but mean to my mother.

“I’m tired of them lying,” claimed my mom. My mom texted her mom and told her it was either him or us. I was infuriated at my grandfather because he acts all nice, but he is actually a cold-hearted monster.

“She chose him,” complained my mom. I was frantic because my grandmother chose him over her family.

I learned that one should never choose anyone over their family. It changed the way I think and my actions because now I know not to choose anyone over family. Also, it is my family through thick and thin, and you don’t just get me; you get my whole family.

Teacher’s Note: Scholars worked on narrative writing during writers workshop in late October. Scholars worked with mentor texts and gained a lot of writing stamina.

MD College and Career Standards: W.6.3

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