Narrative: Car Crash

By Tanayh, Class of 2022 

Today was the day to take  my brother to his doctor appointment. My grandmother was going to take him, but I was too tired to go. Yesterday I slept over and my brother DJ’s appointment was at 9:00, but I woke up at 8:50. My mom hollered, “Tanayah  get down her its almost time for us to leave.” I hurry up and clean my room and I got my cloths on and went down stairs to leave.

When I was down stairs I was hungry, so I grabbed my money. I ask my grandmother in a kind way, “Will you take me to McDonalds when we leave because I’m hungry.”

“Sure just wait a minute,” she responded. I” just have to get ready.”

When we were eating we saw a car zooming on Route 13 like the flash, and it came toward us. Nobody saw it except me and my grandmother. She screeched and threw her hand across my chest. “Do as I say and put your seat belt on NOW,” she said, and I did. Next thing I knew the car hit us. We tumbled down the hill spin and flipped in the ditch.

The firemen, policemen, ambulance, EMT, and people came trying to get us out the car. I was dizzy and my mom screamed, “Is everybody okay,” she said in a scared tone. We shook my brother Zymir, but he did not wake up.

“Zymir wake up, please,” my mom said misgivingly. Once we got out of the car it caught on fire. I was gloomy this happened to us. DJ ran away while crying.

“DJ get over here now, and I mean it,” I said madly. When the paramedic came they rushed us to the hospital.I tried not to cry, but I just had to let the sobbing out.

“Zymir wake up; you got this,” I said nervously. My mom told Zymir, “You got this  ”.I cried myself to death.My mom told Zymir ”, listen god got your back you are ok he will take care of you. I cried”, please stay alive in god name I’m sorry for what I did to you please.

I was okay as I ran through the hospital hallways looking for my brother. The doctor told me that he would be okay, just give him some time. Ten minutes later he woke up.

“You’re okay; I’m sorry for what I did. Without you in my life I will not have a life, it would change. I love you even though we have our differences,” I whispered to my brother.

We went to my grandmother and said our last words before she flew to Baltimore and had her surgery.When we went home and I saw my dad I was so glad I thought that he wouldn’t be home but he is. I stay home for a week from school but I was blessed I was alive

Be grateful you’re alive in this world because life does not last forever.This incident changed my life, and now I love my family dearly because one never knows when they are not going to be around anymore. Without my  family, I wouldn’t have a life; they complete me.

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