Let the Confederate Flag Rest

By Lauren, Class of 2022

“No! Stop please stop! Don’t hurt her please!” the little eighth year old boy yelled. Watching in horror as men wearing and waving a Confederate Flag beat his grandma.

The police showed up with an ambulance. As they came to the scene, they knew exactly what happened. The woman was killed because she was an African American. They left a Confederate Flag to show it.

Like this grandmother, many African Americans have been killed because of their race alone. This is why many people, including me, think the Confederate Flag is a symbol of hate toward African American and should be taken down.

The Confederate Flag represents racism and hate. For example, this past June, a 21-year old Caucasian man shot and killed nine African Americans while holding a Confederate flag. On his web site he also offered racist rants about African Americans and had posts of him with the Confederate Flag. All of this shows that he was killing people with the flag so as society we take that as an act of murder associated with the flag.

Another reason supporting to remove of the flag is because it makes African Americans nervous and scared. Anything association with the flag to blacks is scary because of the racist killing (mentioned above). In another example, Afia Kwarteng and many other black students that went to J.E.B. Stuart High School (Fairfax County, VA) were uncomfortable she said, “As a black student, I didn’t like attending a school names after someone who was for enslaving and oppressing my people” Think is someone did that to your race, would you want to go to a school named after him?

Also, other racist shootings made people realize how much hate is connected with the flag. For example, you don’t see African Americans carrying a Confederate Flag because it has so much hate for their kind. Some white people don’t even carry it because how much hate the flag symbolizes.

In conclusion, the Confederate Flag should be taken down, so it can stop being a symbol of hate for African Americans. It can no longer lead to violence like the grandmother that was beat to death because of her race.


Teacher’s Note: Above is the final artifact of one of my very talented young writers, who took a stance on the article entitled Is This a Flag of Hate? that appeared in the September 2015 edition of Junior Scholastic Magazine. Each of my scholars got to analyze the article, discuss, debate, and write their thoughts with a group of diverse learners. Tackling this topic was very challenging, but one of the most rewarding for me as a teacher as many racial barriers were broken down.

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