The flag should stay up

By Labline, Class of 2022

Some people think the Confederate Flag is a representation of pride and heritage. I believe the Confederate Flag is not a symbol of hate. Others think it is hatred and they should take the flag down. However, I think the flag should stay up.

People think we should keep the Confederate Flag. For example, “It is not about slavery,” wrote Ron Springer in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. The flag represents pride and heritage. There were 22,000 South Carolinians who died under the flag, not to mention soldiers from many other states.

Another reason for keeping the flag is to Southerners, the flag stands for many things. For instance, one of the things it stands for is the memory of those who fought for the Confederacy. The flag also indicated a defiance against control by the federal government.

The purpose for writing this was to inform you about why we should keep the Confederate Flag. You may think that the Confederate flag should be taken down, but I believe it should stay up. I hope I have showed you another way of thinking, which is that the flag should be kept up.


Teacher’s Note: Above is the final artifact of one of my very talented young writers, who took a stance on the article entitled Is This a Flag of Hate? that appeared in the September 2015 edition of Junior Scholastic Magazine. Each of my scholars got to analyze the article, discuss, debate, and write their thoughts with a group of diverse learners. Tackling this topic was very challenging, but one of the most rewarding for me as a teacher as many racial barriers were broken down.

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