Walk Two Moons Alternative Ending: The return to Bybanks

By Gavin, Class of 2022

Pheobe called me to come over to her house for something important. When I got there she was walking back and forth. “Mom’s coming home. What should I do?, “she whispered to herself.

“Pheobe are you okay, “I whispered.

“No! I am not okay, Mom’s coming home and she’s bringing someone. What if it’s the lunatic? What if he comes to capture us as well as Mom? What if…”Pheobe wouldn’t stop asking these crazy questions. Then Mr.Winterbottom came in.

“Pheobe, there is no lunatic and we are not going to be held hostage.” Mr.Winterbottom calmly claimed.

“What if he does come?, ” she yelled.

“Drop it Pheobe.”Pheobe was then on quiet. While Pheobe and I were talking a taxi pulled up, and right there was Mrs.Winterbottom. We told Mr.Winter and he met her at the door. Pheobe and I sat in the kitchen waiting. “Who’s that,” Mr. Winter bottom said in a slightly deep voice.

“He’s the reason I came back,” Mrs.Winterbottom said has Pheobe ran into the room. “He’s my boyfriend. I wanted someone who would respect and thank me for everything I do them, and he is the man who does that.” I could tell Pheobe and Mr. Winterbottom were both heartbroken, so I let myself out so they could try to work things out.

“Is that the end of Peeby’s story, Sal,” Gram asked I said no because the rest was happening now. We were on our way to Motel 9 to sleep when Gramps started slamming is back against the seat. We swerved left and right and that was when I realized he was having a heart attack. I told Gram to get Gramps so I could take over the wheel, but it was too late. We were flipping and rolling down a hill and hit a tree. I thought we were certainly going to die. It was then when I saw Gramps and Gram laying in the the front seats which were now the floor of the car.

“Gram? Gramps?,” I checked their pulses and they were both dead.

I cried for the longest until I heard, ” Hey! Are you okay?!.” It was a man at the top of the hill. I couldn’t make out what he was wearing, but as he got closer I realized that it was the Lewiston sheriff. He came down and helped me out of the wreck. He then took me to the station as I explained what happened. He said that he would put my name on the news so my parents know where to find me. I sat in the lobby for about a hour, and there she was my mother came running into the station.

She said, “Sal why are you here?,” I explained everything. After two hours she decided to take me to my father and stay with us. Once we got my father we moved back to Bybanks and we lived a better life from then one.


Teacher’s Note: Above is the story continuation beginning with chapter 39 of the novel Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech.


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