Walk Two Moons Alternative Ending 

By Lauren, Class of 2022

I saw Mrs.Winterbottom put in the driveway in her car and Phoebe was going crazy. She was telling her dad, “Mother is cheating on you I saw her she was kissing the LUNATIC, THE LUN-A-TIC!!!!”

Then, her dad would yell, “Phoebe let you mother EXPLAIN!!!”

Finally, the front door opened and Phoebe’s mother walked in with the lunatic trailing behind. Then, without saying a word she jester for everyone to sit down. So, one at a time Prudence sat, I sat, Mr. Winterbottom sat, the lunatic sat, Mrs. Winterbottom sat, and of course Phoebe refused to sit.

Then, Mrs. Winterbottom began, ” Phoebe before you make any assumptions hear me out. So, I would like to introduce you to my long lost brother, Charlie.”

I was shocked and so was everyone else. Long lost brother I thought.

Then, Phoebe said in a ignorant voice,” Then why did you go without telling us. With no warning,” she began to raise her voice, “I thought you loved me how could you, LEAVE WITHOUT TELLING ME AND LEAVE ME ALL ALONE!!!” Then she burst into tears.

I want to judge but, I couldn’t because that was me when my mother left.

Then, Mrs. Winterbottom comforted Phoebe and Phoebe just cried.

Finally, the next day, after I had told my father what happened Phoebe had forgiven her mother for leaving and the family welcomed Charlie as a member of the family. At dinner time we ate at Margret’s and she told me how she met my father ( They where 4th cousins).

Well this was the end of Phoebe’s story. By this time we where in Idaho and for some reason heading to the hospital, but I was fine and so was everyone else. We got to the hospital and we walked in. Gramps asked the lady at the counter something but I couldn’t here it. We walked to room 102 and there she was. My mother, pale, sickly and wonderful. She looked up when she saw me and she gave a weak smile and picked up a pad of paper and wrote something. Then, she showed me it said, ” I love you Sal I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you.” We both started crying.

I figured out that my mom was hit by a car and was paralyzed and unable to move her lower sections. But, doctors also told we she was know able to move too Kentucky to be with her family if she wanted. So, I called my dad and he said that we where moving back to Kentucky and so was the Winterbottom’s and the Finney’s. They all needed bigger houses and found some it Kentucky. I was so happy everything was going right.

So the next couple of months we were moving in and helping everyone else move in. My mother was safely moved in and everything was better than perfect it was so wonderful


Teacher’s Note: Above is the story continuation beginning with chapter 39 of the novel Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech.

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