Globally Connected: Making Two-Voice Poetry an Authentic Learning Task

By Lauren and Abby, Class of 2022



“The Ravine” Character: Vinny



“The Ravine” Character: Starlene

His name was Butchie. He was only fourteen.
He disappeared two weeks and one day ago.
He’s dead. He’s been taken.
He won’t be coming back.
I don’t know why I don’t understand why
You won’t believe me!
He jumped and drowned. The stone goddess took him.
They couldn’t find him. He’s her prince!
Just listen to me!
It’s an illusion. It’s a legend!
If it’s a legend, If it’s an illusion,
Then where is he?
It can’t be true, Starlene. It has to be true, Vinny.
He just jumped… The goddess got lonely…
At least I hope he’s I know he’s
In a better place.


Teacher’s Note: Scholars participated in a project entitled “Globally Connected: Making Two-Voice Poetry an Authentic Learning Task.” Each scholar worked with a counterpart from a different school — approximately 200-miles apart — collaborated using the short story “The Ravine” to create and performa a two-voice poem. For more information, see this posting on my professional blog site.

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