Walk Two Moons Alternative Ending: Goodbye Mrs. Winterbottom

 By Trevor, Class of 2022

“Come on Chickabiddy, tell us more about Peeby,” Gramps said in suspense,” What happened next?”I started telling the rest of the story.

A taxi arrived and Mrs. Winterbottom came back home with a boy.

“Sal, I recognize that face,” Phoebe said.

Sal answered,” I was about to say the same thing. It looks like….”

“THE LUNATIC,” the two girls whispered in fear.

As Mrs. Winterbottom came to the door, Mr. Winterbottom saw her very confused.

“Norma, who do you have there with you there,” Mr. Winterbottom said in confusion.

“Phoebe, Sal, Prudence, George, this is Mike, my boyfriend,” Mrs.Winterbottom answered.” I came home to get the rest of my stuff and to say goodbye to you and start a new life with Mike.

“WHAT,” Sal, Phoebe, and Mr. Winterbottom yelled in confusion. “You’re kidding right,” Phoebe said.

“No I’m not,” Mrs. Winterbottom answered,” I’m moving to California. There is great weather and fun activities and…..”

Mrs.Winterbottom kept going on and on and on. I saw Phoebe with tears running down from her eyes. I started to cry as well.

Everyone started asking question why she was moving. “What made you have an idea to move,” “Where are you going to stay,” ” Are you going to miss us.”

Mrs. Winterbottom was deluged with questions.”We can’t answer anymore questions. Our plane leaves in an hour. Mike, help me get my luggage.”

That night I couldn’t sleep. I was crying. Mrs. Winterbottom reminded me of my mother leaving me. I didn’t want Phoebe to go through the same stage I went through when I was in Kentucky.

“That’s it,” I said, “The next day, you took me on this quest to find mom.”

“I’m sorry for what happened to Peeby,” Gram and Gramps said in sorrow.

“Well, the good news is, we’re 30 minutes away from Idaho,” Gramps said the good news.

“I’m not feeling so well,” Gram said in a small voice.

“What’s wrong gooseberry.”

Luckily there was a hospital along the way. We carried  Gram inside immediately. Inside, we saw Tom.

“Well hi again,” Tom said in surprise.

“No time to talk Tom. This is an emergency,” I yelled to Tom.


Teacher’s Note: Above is the story continuation beginning with chapter 39 of the novel Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech.

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