#PocomokeScholars respond to Art Integration

By Block 1/2, Class of 2022

Art Integration12

#PocomokeScholars responded after analyzing the¬†artwork of Chinese artist Liu Bolin. Bolin took a political stance on the environment, commenting on the air pollution crisis happening in China. Bolin’s latest work, draws much-needed attention to the issue of air pollution by using the thick smog to create stunning visuals, with human bodies fading into spindly trees and drab gray skies in the background. The thought-provoking images were released mere days after Beijing issued a “red alert” for air pollution; at that point, the capital had never before issued such an alert, but the December 18, 2014 warning was the second of the month. In response, schools closed and 2.5 million cars were taken off the streets. The artwork #PocomokeScholars commented on is shown below and in the background image of this Padlet.


By Block 7/8, Class of 2022


Another class of #PocomokeScholars respond during an art integration lesson.


Shown is the artwork which #PocomokeScholars walked through a close read with their instructor using the I See, I Think, I Wonder strategy.

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