Opinion: DACA Expiration Appalling

By Aiden, Class of 2024

Dear Editor,

Imagine you live in a community of DACA immigrants and the people you see all the time are becoming scarcer and scarcer every day. You never know if you will be next, or your family. It must be an awful feeling. The innocent souls brought here without even knowing it probably haven’t known anything other than their town or city their entire life.

I am appalled by the fact that people could even begin to imagine deporting the young souls in the United States and ruin their entire lives. Sending them to a different country will most likely cause them to live in poverty if their family felt the need to live in the USA that badly. The young children should be given a chance to succeed even if their other family cannot stay; after all, most of them were brought here against their will or without even knowing what was going on. If we send them to their country, they most likely won’t be able to make a living and fend for themselves. Who could be so heartless as to do this to the future of our country.

Taking this action will result in millions of lives wasted to nothing when they could have had a very successful future in America and maybe even made a huge impact on it. Some of the major industries in the United States were founded or greatly impacted by immigrants. They also do the jobs that most Americans aren’t willing to do. If immigrants hadn’t been a part of our country, the US wouldn’t be as advanced as it is today.

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