Welcome to Pocomoke Middle School.

My mission is to provide your child with the best education possible in a way that is engaging, authentic, student-centered, innovative, integrates technology, and promotes an appreciation for life-long learning. PMS is an academic institution committed to excellence. This commitment requires respect for the differences in students and staff from widely diverse cultural, economic, social, racial, intellectual, linguistic, and educational, backgrounds but also a sustained effort to use that diversity to achieve this commitment.

I will provide each student with the necessary tools they will need to lead productive lives in today’s ever-changing society. It is my job to nurture and guide students to be the best they can be. With such a small class size, Pocomoke Middle is ideal for students to receive the proper attention they deserve and to ensure a safe learning environment. The success of our students depends on active involvement of the entire school community as well as parents. All students at Pocomoke Middle are encouraged to take full advantage of every academic opportunity, which comes their way. Our instructional practices utilize and cater to the varied interests of our students.

I take great pride in our school, what it has to offer, and its accomplishments. I welcome your interest in our school and encourage you to contact me by email or phone if you have any further questions.


Brian Cook, Ed.D.



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