Student Bloggers

Everyone has a story and if you don’t tell it someone else will. More than likely it won’t be the way you want it to look either. Therefore, I require each of my students to blog once a week on any topic of their choice.

Some write a weekly report about our local football and baseball teams, Baltimore Ravens and Orioles. Others are compassionate about fashion and clothing and share the newest outfits for preteens. Regardless of their topic, it’s powerful to hear their voice.

Consequently, young writers are going to make mistakes and have some outlandish opinions, but that’s OK. With mistakes comes learning. Please, read and comment kindly on my student’s work and feel okay with challenging their opinions and facts. They love to know others are reading.

If you are a teacher and want to pair up with my students, please, do no hesitate to contact me at Building an audience only makes students want to write more and I am ll for it!

As always, I am gracious for your time and reading my student’s thoughts!

-Dr. Brian Cook


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